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CRI installation tips

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Please read the following information to assure a smooth floor covering installation.  Stop by any one of our showrooms, call or email with any questions.

Scheduling Installation

We will make every effort to schedule your installation on the most convenient day and time for you.  Please be proactive in selection and request for installation.  Depending on your project it may take several weeks from the initial consultation to finished installation.  If you have deadlines or special request let us know, we make thing happen.


The room should be free of all furniture before installation can proceed. We will assist you in moving some of your larger items.

We ask that you please assist us and;

  • Remove all valuables, lamps, plants, knickknacks, etc. Remove dishes and crystal from Hutch Cabinets. Remove perfumes and cosmetics from dresser tops.
  • Strip bed linens if bedroom is being carpeted.
  • Clear closet floors and at least four feet from the floor up if closet is being carpeted.
  • Remove furniture to other rooms not having new floor covering if you are able.

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Specialty Items

We all have some valued items in our homes that require the utmost care and expertise to move. We know you will want to have these items moved by experts as we will not be able to move them. We cannot move grand or baby grand pianos, grandfather clocks, waterbeds, aquariums, computers, stereo sound systems, big screen TVs or precious antiques BUT we can facilitate the moving of these objects for you with a 3rd party contractor.

Kitchen and Utility Rooms

Please disconnect your washer, dryer, refrigerator, ice maker, and gas appliances. We recommend for your safety, that a gas company or any other knowledgeable appliance company disconnect and reconnect these appliances. At your request arrangements can be made to move the disconnected appliance.


When carpeting is installed there is a possibility that the doors may not clear and swing freely. We will remove doors in order to install the carpet. If the doors do not fit, we will not be able to plane or cut them down. We regret that we can’t perform this service, because it requires equipment and expertise we are unable to provide.  Please ask your sales professional and they will gladly refer a contractor to assist you.


Our technicians take every precaution to protect your moldings.   Regrettably, some scratching may occur to baseboards or woodwork during carpet installation. This is caused by the stiffness of the carpet backing. It is advisable to keep some paint for touch-ups if needed.


Most carpet installations require the use of seams. This is because of the width of the carpet, or to enable us to make the best use of the total carpet purchased. We use the finest seaming technique in the industry and spend a great deal of time preparing and joining the seams so you will receive trouble free service. Please review the location of the seams with your salesperson prior to the installation. We cannot guarantee any seam to be invisible. Even though our installers are skilled crafts-men, you may be able to see the seams. Some are more visible than others. This is quite normal and should be expected.

Disposal of Old Carpet

Please let us remove and dispose of your old floor covering.  We will ask your preference just in case you would like to take on the chore yourself.


There may be problems that may not be seen until actual installation has begun. Such as, but not limited to, bad concrete, sub-floor uneven, separated board, loose flooring, black adhesive, pad or carpet that is stuck to the floor. Please understand there may be additional charges for material and labor. Customer is responsible when someone other than Kiss Carpet installs a sub-floor or repairs the floor. We can not be held responsible for their material or workmanship.

Providing you with the best products and service is of the utmost importance to us. We hope to achieve your complete satisfaction and appreciate your permitting us to serve you. We hope you will receive many years of enjoyment from your new floor covering.

Flooring Facts You Should Know

  1. Seams are not invisible (in carpet or vinyl).
  2. All carpets will show footprints and sweeper marks. Berbers, sculptures, and commercial loop will show the least.
  3. All carpets mat and crush. The more tight and dense the product is the less matting and crushing will occur.
  4. Carpet and vinyl are stain resistant, not stain proof.
  5. A blacktop drive can discolor vinyl and carpet.
  6. High heel shoes can indent vinyl and wood floors.
  7. Heavy objects can leave indentations in both carpet and vinyl.
  8. Black adhesive can bleed through new material.
  9. Throw rugs can discolor vinyl flooring.
  10. Excess moisture will cause vinyl to turn purplish-grey.
  11. Moving heavy objects such as stove and refrigerators (even on rollers) can damage flooring.
  12. Carpet backings are very rough. Some scuffing of wood work and walls are to be expected.
  13. Improper furniture casters can damage floors.
  14. Shedding is normal. Your new carpet will shed small bits of fibers for up to six months. Do not be alarmed if your vacuum fills up quickly.
  15. You may see shaded areas or lines across the width of your new carpet. These result from the weight of the carpet resting on itself during storage. These marks will disappear in time with normal traffic and vacuuming. If roll marks are still visible after 90 days please call us.
  16. There may be lines in your carpet that may be 18″ long on either side of the carpet and are normal. This is where string has been tied around the roll to keep it from unrolling. These will disappear with normal traffic and vacuuming over time.
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How to pay for your new floor

  1. Credit Cards
    We accept most major credit cards.
  2. Six & twelve month financing.  Apply securely online right from our website.
    No interest or carrying charge when paid within agreed period. Accounts will be carried by credit company. Same as cash terms start once sizes and price are confirmed. Financing programs must be set up at time of sale.
  3. Traditional forms of payment such as cash and check are also accepted.